3D Panel

Gholghola 3D panel manufacturing Co was established to provide quality 3D panel industry in Afghanistan replacing conventional methods of construction. Gholghola 3D panel offers a new means of building methods, a unique system of construction-Modular Panel-high strength and load bearing capacity, light weight, fast and simple to erect, flexible to architectural designs, provides excellent sound and thermal insulation, and it is affordable and cost effective. Gholghola 3D panels are A three dimensional welded wire space frame with an expanded Polystyrene insulation core.

The characteristics of our 3D panels are:

  • No buckling and bending of panels
  • Simple bracing to hold panels in the required position
  • Easy fixing of rough frames for doors and windows
  • Simple and quick installation of utilities, etc
  • Unique strength and rigidity configuration

Diagonal truss wires welded to the wire mesh (cover mesh) layers on each side of the panel That ensures the effective transfer of shear forces for full composite behavior