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About Gholghola

Gholghola Group is a group of Afghan construction and Industrial companies that are highly specialized in providing quality construction services and producing quality products throughout Afghanistan. Registered in Afghanistan Investment Support Agency.

Gholghola Group was established in 2001 with the intent of taking part in the reconstruction of the war torn country through investing on construction and production of materials that are used in the reconstruction efforts by using local Afghan skills and capacities.

Gholghola engineers and managers have extensive experiences working in western and neighboring countries bringing their ways and methods of valuing engineering values in the construction and production of PVC windows and doors, 3 D Panels, Stone curving and HDPE pipe.

Gholghola PVC doors and windows, PVC Pipe Manufacturing, and Gholghola 3 D Panel. Gholghola Group has faced its cultural sensitivity to embrace the local economy by hiring, training, and retaining a completely Afghan staff consisting of engineers, designers, consultants, logisticians, accountants, procurement personnel, technicians and skilled labors throughout its projects. We are staffed with locals, who are fully vested in the growth of public and private infrastructure in their home country

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Gholghola Group

  • Public/Private Roadway Design and Construction
  • Design, plans, specs, and cost estimates (PS&E); and construction of buildings
  • Inspection: Quality Control & Assurance, Safety Procedures, Material testing and quality inspections
  • Construction Management: Preparing construction budgets, pay estimates, verifying construction techniques, adherence to plans